Knowledge of the client-company: The development of a search starts from a correct knowledge of the client, its activity, organization and culture as well as the objectives and strategic plans in the short, medium and long term. Analysis and job definition: Together with the client we determine his functions, responsibilities, remuneration, autonomy, team and level of delegation. It is essential to know his integration in the structure of the...

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OUR SERVICES ARE MAINLY FOCUSED ON HEADHUNTING AND SELECTION OF CANDIDATES. In TRIEM we meet the needs of the staff and counseling generated in the structure of any company. Our Consultants guarantee the best service thanks to their extensive market knowledge and to the different business sectors. Their complete technical training and wide experience allows them to know and identify the needs of the company, define the required profiles and...

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  COSTUMER COMMITMENT, AND THE CANDIDATE DEFINE US AS A COMPANY We are a group of highly experienced consultants in the recruitment of managing, executive and technical staff. We are not a consulting firm of volume, our service consulting company is focused on recruiting the most suitable professional to the needs of each client always offering a view point of business and focused on...

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