• Knowledge of the client-company:
    The development of a search starts from a correct knowledge of the client, its activity, organization and culture as well as the objectives and strategic plans in the short, medium and long term.
  • Analysis and job definition:
    Together with the client we determine his functions, responsibilities, remuneration, autonomy, team and level of delegation. It is essential to know his integration in the structure of the company and social interrelationships, internal and external.
  • Candidate Profile:
    We take a detailed profile collecting the specific requirements of training, skills and attitudes.
  • Strategic-Planning of TRIEM:
    Depending on data collected in TRIEM we make the strategy to be followed for locating the right candidate, identifying the appropriate channel for search.
  • Search:
    Through fieldwork and investigation, and counting on our database and different sources, we locate and identify the most qualified professionals for the position.
  • Interviews:
    The pre-selected candidates are interviewed in depth, evaluating their characteristics, motivations for change and development potential in the client company.
  • Checking of references:
    After the interviews we verify and precisely contrast references and achievements of candidates.
  • Report:
    We prepare a report to the client that collects professional experience and personal characteristics of each candidate, with the possibilities of adaptation for the position and recommendations regarding its future evolution.
  • Candidates presentation:
    The most suitable candidates are introduced to the client, who chooses the one that under his criteria meets the most suitable conditions for the proper development of the position to be covered.
  • Incorporation and guarantee period:
    After the incorporation of the candidate, our service ends once exhausted the guarantee period. During that stage we keep track directly monitoring both the professional checking his degree of adaptation to the position as the degree of client satisfaction.